The fair of minerals, fossils and jewelry is the best opportunity to sell your unusual products or specimens directly. We present two possibilities of presenting your assortment: We cordially invite you to enlarge the group of our exhibitors during small, local exchanges called RAPTOR and the INTERSTONE event in Łódź.

If minerals, precious stones, fossils, jewellery, jewellery, meteorites or handicrafts are the assortment you trade – you cannot miss among our exhibitors!

RAPTOR events – our goal is to promote knowledge about minerals and fossils as well as original, handmade jewelry throughout Poland. When choosing a location, we are guided by the population, the city's potential and interest. Stock exchanges in cities where there have been no similar events so far attract a lot of visitors. The event takes place under the name of RAPTOR - we are changing the scale of the event a bit and please do not confuse the events - INTERSTONE has been held in its regular cycle for many years and we invite you to Lodz. RAPTOR are local exchanges, targeting smaller communities, but in a conscious recipient market. Due to the small area of the fair, places are LIMITED. We want to have a guarantee of satisfied exhibitors, hence the decision to create a small event (up to 130m of exhibition space) so that each exhibitor can trade without competition. It's a small exchange with a lot of publicity and no paid tickets. So far, we have successfully organized events in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Elbląg, Słupsk, Olsztyn, Kędzierzyn-Koźle and Toruń.

INTERSTONE has been held in Łódź for many years, which made it a permanent fixture in the city's schedule of events. We attract crowds of visitors to each edition. To promote the event, we use all forms of traditional and modern advertising - printed materials, press, radio, social media, the Internet. Thousands of visitors to the INTERSTONE event mean thousands of customers interested in your assortment! The minimum exhibition area is 1 m. The organizer provides access to electricity, table tops of the length indicated by you and chairs. Take care of the aesthetics of your stand and arrange it according to your own idea. INTERSTONE is a unique event, because it has been a permanent fixture in the schedule of city events for 30 years.

As an exhibitor of the RAPTOR or INTERSTONE event, you have an amazing opportunity to present your specimens/assortment to thousands of visitors who did not appear at the fair by chance - they are customers interested in YOUR PRODUCTS! Make new contacts, present yourself and sell. Let yourself be noticed, advertise your company, present your assortment and see how easy it is to establish direct sales during the fair. Yellow posters and a large logo are a recognizable sign of the Minerals, Jewelery and Fossils Fair. Become our exhibitors now, see the upcoming editions, contact us and prepare your exhibition space!

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