Anyone who admires unique jewelry, extraordinary jewelers and natural wonders, such as minerals and fossils, will not pass by these events indifferently. Artists, collectors, craftsmen and craftsmen in one place!

RAPTOR AND INTERSTONE FAIR is the only such event where you will see the most beautiful jewelery and unique decorations from dozens of exhibitors. What distinguishes them is uniqueness and originality - you will not find it in a chain store. The latest trends and original craftsmanship make it impossible to take your eyes off. The exhibitors will make sure that the assortment delights every visitor. Among the stands, there will be an opportunity to see unusual jewelry, but also minerals from around the world, precious stones, ambers, fossils from millions of years ago, dinosaur bones, shark teeth, meteorites, as well as jewelery and handicrafts.

However, it is not only a stock exchange and an exhibition. It is also an amazing opportunity to learn while having fun! Let yourself be invited to the most interesting nature lesson and discover the amazing world through the beauty of minerals and fossils. Let yourself be enchanted and discover. Exhibitors from all over the country and from abroad will take care of breathtaking exhibitions and stands!

The best exhibitors from all over Poland and from abroad will make sure to surprise even the most demanding guests. Our fairs are events not only for enthusiasts and collectors – here everyone will find something for themselves.

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See amazing minerals, gemstones, ambers, jewellery, jewellery, handicrafts, fossils, dinosaur bones, meteorites and much more!

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